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NWBC Services, a merchant processing company, will not honor cancellation requests, continue to debit your bank accounts, and refuse to refund mistakes on transaction fees.I went in my cancellation request via email to two seperate parties of the organization.

Over 30 days later they debited my account. I figured someone just dropped the ball so I politely informed them of the mistake and forwarded my sent requests. They denied my requests, said they never received the emails despite my proof, and over charged me on transaction fees. I also sent them proof of the transaction fee error and they refused to refund it.


Monetary Loss: $300.

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I'm a bit curious why the poster of this complaint didn't post their name or the name of their business.

Web Sites like this are continuously used by competitors to discredit their competition. Our ethics prevent us from doing such a thing, but that will not stop anonymous posters from posting fictious complaints.

If this complaint is indeed a valid complaint, I would suggest that the poster contact me, the owner, and I will look into any complaint you may have.

We handle merchant services for merchants as small as a couple of hundred dollars a month in processing to companies processing multiple millions of dollars every month. We didn't get to be as large as we are without paying attention to customer service.

We gladly advise you to check the BBB and our record with them to check the validity of this claim. If what this poster claims was true, I certainly wouldn't tell you to contact the BBB.


Patrick Fitzsimmons



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